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NursingInspired Rx Services

You can take a single dose , PRN or extended-release dose  for your NursingInspired Rx 

to help be prepared.organized.inspired to apply to nursing school

Organizational tools

In order to prepared, one must also be organized in the research and documentation that needs to be maintained in applying to nursing school.  

Some of those are spreadsheets to keep track of 

nursing school prerequisites courses, which schools you are applying to and the scholarships that you will need to keep track of to help pay for your program. 

Many spreadsheet tools are fillable PDF documents as well as pre-labeled binders to keep all this information "all-in-one place" as a dose of the NursingInspired Rx.


 With our initial 1:1 talk, students receive an infographic customized educational plan. Students can schedule this one-time meeting to receive a single dose of the NursingInspired Rx as a 30-min, 45-min or 60-min  coaching call which includes Q&A after it is presented.   

If students are already perhaps,  so far in their journey of applying to nursing school or not ready for a long-term commitment; we offer a PRN dose (as needed) monthly coaching subscription. This consists of 1-2 meeting per month as issues or questions come up until needed.

We also assist with nursing school applications, admission essays, scholarships essays/applications, resumes, and more with our 3-month subscriptions as an extended-release dose of the NursingInspired Rx.   We meet weekly for 12 weeks for each given subject that the student needs most assistance. 


These are the words of sophomore, junior and senior high school students , a parent, and young adults mentees under 24 years old taking college courses/ nursing prerequisites

What others are saying

Youth Organizati​ons

 On behalf of the Velma J. Thames Youth Fraternity, we would like to give a huge thank you to Nurse Fallon Flowers for attending and spreading the knowledge and tips about nursing at our Teen Summit. You were truly amazing! The kids wouldn't leave your table with all the hands outs, pens in the shape of needles, stethoscope for the kids to try on and much more. So many kids signed up to take your wonderful course to learn the steps to become a nurse, the right path to take depending on their financial stability and more. Thank you for taking the time to talk to our youth and motivating them on becoming future nurse like you!!

 Cearmease Evans

Grand Director over youth fraternity


There are many aspects to understand in the process of becoming a nurse. There are many questions one  may have, such as:

•How nursing school works and 

when to start nursing school?

•What nursing school should I go to and 

why nursing school accreditation matters?

•What are the prerequisites for nursing school and

 how do I get in nursing school?

•Is nursing school competitive and 

why is nursing school hard to get into?

•What nursing school is easiest to get into and 

which nursing school is the best?

•How much nursing school cost and 

what should I do if I think I can't afford nursing school?

•Will nursing school be too hard for me and 

why nursing school is worth it?

These questions are covered in the courses in the program. This includes pre-recorded courses, webinars and live workshops. Are you ready for your dose of the NursingInspired Rx?


In addition t o individual students in a 1:1 mentoring environment, we work with organizations too by helping students and clients en masse. This includes predominantly Black mentoring, non-profit, youth development and workforce development organizations; churches,  high schools, community colleges, CNA schools and more. 

If your Black youth or client seeks to be a nurse, I want to help expose them to what that is and help them apply to nursing school. 

Furthermore, through 10 years of continued nursing leadership & involvement, its important to not only share what we know but who we know. This is  the final dose of the NursingInspired Rx. Through my network Nursing Leaders, Black Nursing organizations, and awareness of events and scholarships; students will be even more connected and inspired! 

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