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Our Story

I was at a point that as while I was elevating in my nursing education going from a nurse to an advanced practice nurse, that I knew I needed reach back. So I started teaching high school students and showing them how to prepare for and apply for nursing school. But it came to a point where I kept noticing in that program that it was very students that looked like me. The schools and neighborhoods where my people come from weren't necessarily being marketed to attend.          

I went to several high schools and went and spoke about nursing and how to apply to nursing school and gave information on how to apply. It just wasn't feeling like enough, giving the previous students a full 25 hours of content and then the black students got 1 hour. I then started to meet youth that had went away to college or were attending community college that seemed to have missed that guidance of how to get into to nursing school straight from high school. I decided in the midst of all this to create NursingInspired.


Blacks in Nursing

According to the 2018 Nursing Demographics report

only 11.5% of nurses identify as Black or African American


In a 2017 National Nursing Workforce Survey the average age of a registered nurse (RN) is 51 years old. The report also showed that in "age distribution by Race/Ethnicity—RN" data also shows that Black/African Americans are older 

by percentage beyond the age of 30. 

Nursing programs in the U.S.  are starting to

compete for the top minority students according to

Diverse- Issues in Higher Education (2018).

With this students can evaluate schools on how many  

African American nursing students they are graduating. 


It needs to start with Black youth 

and NursingInspired LLC  

seeks to make the difference!



The types of nursing school applicants of tomorrow need to be and deliver:







Now more than ever is the e.p.o.q.u.e. of recognizing, that the lives of black patients matter and that nurses matter too. 

The shortage of nurses and those that are black, needs to improve so that, those patients can be cared for

"by someone that looks like you." We want to inspire youth into a career in nursing as the next generation of black nurse leaders!

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