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Black Nurse Practitioner with long curly hair, a white labcoat, a purple stethoscope and red background


If you identify as Black, African-American or from the African Diaspora, 

AND you are a pre-nursing student, you've come to the right place! 

Get nursing school preparation from someone that looks like you and who's been where you're going!


We also serve schools and organizations that are seeking to expose 

their youth and clients to a career in nursing.

Our students value having a competitive nursing school application 

and proactive plan as they learn to prepare, plan and pay for nursing school.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit NursingInspired!

Inspirationally Yours, 

Fallon M. Flowers, MSN, BS, RN, WHNP-BC

"The Black Pre-Nursing Coach"

Founder | NursingInspired LLC






 Black youth seeking a higher education and nursing career, need to be prepared more than ever. Among many aspiring nurses, many qualified applicants are being turned away from programs or put on waiting lists. Our youth will be prepared by enhancing their preference for selection and will have a proactive plan in place in the case that they must  still wait. 


While applying to nursing school may include some of the same skills in applying to college, the process requires more than one would imagine. It's not just about "what school should I go to", its also about keeping up with everything about those schools and when you need to apply. Students need to be organized in where they apply to school, for nursing scholarships and when they present for interviews.


When black students go to nursing school, they may find that they may be one of a few or the only one in their program, that their instructor does not look like them or can identify with their needs. Students need to feel empowered in staying laser-focused on their goals and know there were others before them and they have a network depend on during those low moments. 

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